About Brian Ladin 

Brian Ladin is an investing expert and entrepreneur headquartered in Dallas, Texas. As Founder and CEO of Delos Shipping, a finance supplier to the shipping sector, Ladin puts his considerable investing and leadership skills to work.

Delos Marine is a ship leasing company that leases shipping assets and provides financing to shipping firms. Delos' primary investment strategies include long-term leases, distressed assets, and cyclical asset plays. Ladin has achieved international notoriety as the head of Delos Shipping for arranging the completion of multiple large-scale acquisitions and deals.

Brian Ladin previously worked as a partner at Bonanza Capital and Talisman Capital, where his work generated over $100 million in cumulative earnings.

Additionally, Ladin has sat on the boards of directors of several significant businesses, including Konig & Cie (2013–2016), Affinity Media (2007–2009), and Points International (2007–2009). (2006-2008).

Brian Ladin graduated from Tulane University in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Economy. He now resides in Dallas with his wife Rachel and their two sons, Alex and Brent.